Elder Law

Elder Law Long IslandElder law is a new, constantly developing body of law that focuses on issues affecting our older population.  Interestingly, elder law is the only legal practice area that is defined by the class of individuals to be served.  America’s aging population is the fastest growing age group; more than ever with the “baby boom” generation approaching age 65.

Elder law’s main focus is the preparation for the eventuality of an extended life and “successful aging”. The elder law attorney endeavors to safeguard and ensure her client’s independence, safety and happiness.  Some of the common topics addressed by the elder law attorney are:

  • Estate Planning
  • Medicaid & Medicare
  • Guardianship
  • Disability Planning
  • Housing Options
  • Financing Long-Term Care
  • Probate

The most important thing an elder law client can do is plan and it is the elder law attorney’s job to present her client with all of the possible planning tools.  Life is often unpredictable and early planning is crucial.  Today is the time to plan for your future, because tomorrow may be too late for you to make decisions about your assets, medical treatment and personal life preferences among other things.  Some common areas that are considered important by the elder law practitioner in the context of planning are:

  • Incapacity
  • Disability and Illness
  • Death
  • Asset Protection & Enhancement

Presenting these matters to your elder law attorney can reduce your stress and the stress of your family as well as save you money.